We provide opportunities for folks to come together, learn about regenerative agriculture: why it is needed and how they can get involved. We do this through monthly meet ups so that people can connect, build relationships, and nurture communities that support one another.



Our vision is a future in which regenerative agriculture is the norm and a means to re-establish a healthy climate, planet and equitable food systems.


Our mission is to gather, inspire, and educate people who are interested in or curious about regenerative agriculture, by providing opportunities to share knowledge and resources.


Why Regenerative
Agriculture Matters

Growers around the world face increasing challenges such as a severe labor shortage, having to feed the world’s growing population estimated to be 9 billion by 2050, along with limited water supply. As global citizens we have responsibility to contribute to the sustainability of land and food for generations to come. 


Our Partners


PastureMap builds ranch management software in pursuit of its mission to help farmers and ranchers increase profits on healthy grasslands. PastureMap is building a soil carbon monitoring network with producers in California. It hopes to unlock profit streams for farmers by backing up their regenerative claims with data. @pasturemap

The Determined is a creative studio for a climate-resilient world. They help companies with their messaging, branding, and strategy to help accelerate ideas and approaches in addressing climate change. @thedeterminedco